Awareness-cum-Workshop on ‘Fish Health Management in Aquaculture for Fish Farmers’ ( 3-4 May, 2017 )

  • A two day awareness-cum-workshop on ‘Fish Health Management in Aquaculture for Fish Farmers’ was organized by ICAR-Central Institute on Fisheries Education, Mumbai at Sonitpur, Assam from 3-4 May, 2017 in collaboration with Department of Fisheries, Assam; Jeeva – Suraksha, Shivsagar and angling Association, ABACA, Potasali, Nameri, Assam. Program was inaugurated by Shri Parmanand Chayengia, Chairman, Missing Council and the progam was graced by Shri K.K. Bhattacharjee, Honorary Secretary, ABACA. Lectures were delivered on various topics related to Overview of aquaculture animal health management; Aquaculture environment and fish health; nutritional management of fish health; Health management of indigenous aquarium fishes : prophylactic management; Disease related problems in Assam; Disease diagnosis and sample processing for diagnosis; Fish husbandry and extension activities in aquaculture etc. More than 66 farmers, officials and entrepreneurs including some progressive farmers from Assam, participated in the Awareness-cum-workshop on fish health management.