Foreign Students

System of admission

Foreign students seeking admission shall forward their applications through their respective Embassies at New Delhi or through the respective Indian Missions abroad to the Government of India/ICCR and their candidature shall be considered only if they are sponsored by the Government of India/ICAR.


Foreign students are exempted from appearing in the written test and interview. Thus admission shall be made on the scrutiny of the bio-data and on the recommendation of the Head of the concerned Board of Studies.

Procedure for application

The last date for receipt of applications and results/mark-sheets from the applicants who are foreign nationals but are resident in India will be the same as prescribed for the applicants who are Indian citizens, and the self-financing foreign students out of them will be called for the written test and interview only if they have prescribed qualifications as for the Indian applicants for admission through the open competition stream.

The applications of foreign students shall be forwarded to the Head of the Board of Studies for determining their eligibility and their admission shall be finalized without any written test. Foreign students who are already residents in India will, however, have to appear in the written test and interview. Besides, candidates sponsored by International Organizations like the Agricultural Development Corporation, FAO, etc., shall also be considered for admission at CIFE provided such requests are received through the ICAR/DARE. Their cases shall also be considered along with other regular students without giving them any concession in minimum marks but they shall be exempted from appearing in the written test and interview.

Foreign students should arrive in Mumbai one week before the opening of the academic session to acquaint themselves with the operation of the Post-graduate School and to attend the orientation program. They should contact the Foreign Students' Adviser upon their arrival for obtaining guidance concerning registration procedure, campus location and all other matters except those of a strictly academic nature.

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