Award of Degrees

A convocation shall be held for conferring M.F.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees to the successful candidates declared eligible for the award of the degree by the Academic Council. The program of the Convocation shall be approved by the Academic Council.

Every successful candidate shall appear in person at the Convocation to receive the degree. However, if a candidate does not appear in person, the degree shall be conferred in absentia. The fee for conferring a degree in absentia shall be Rs. 600/-. The degree certificates in such cases will be sent to their notified addresses on payment of the prescribed fee.

In order to be eligible for obtaining the degree in a particular Convocation, the student shall submit the thesis at least two months in advance of the date of Convocation or a date to be notified from time to time.

The degree may be awarded posthumously to a student if he had completed all the requirements for the award of degree including the final Viva-Voce Examination, before his/her death.

Duplicate Degrees and Certificates

Issue of duplicate degrees and other certificates shall be governed by the following guidelines:

  • A request for duplicate degree/diploma/certificate shall be granted only on the production of an affidavit on a non judicial stamp paper of Rs. 2/- to the effect that the applicant has lost the degree/diploma/certificate issued earlier or that it has been destroyed and the applicant is in real need of it.
  • A fee of Rs 500/- shall be charged for the issue of a Duplicate Certificate.
  • The word “duplicate” shall be inscribed in bold letters at the top of such degree/diploma/certificate.
  • The duplicate degree/diploma/certificate shall be signed by the Registrar (Academic), P.G. School and the words “Sd/-“ along with the names of the original signatories shall be inscribed in the appropriate places.

Award of Honorary Degrees

The Academic Council of the Institute may confer degrees of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) on persons who have distinguished themselves in the field of science but are not either serving staff members of the CIFE or serving members of the Agriculture Research Service of the I.C.A.R.

All proposals for conferment of honorary degrees shall be received and processed by the Office of the Dean of the Institute.

The Dean shall call all such requests, with necessary background information, to be placed for consideration before a Special Committee consisting of the following :

Dean, P.G. School Chairman (Ex-Officio)
Dy. Director General (Edn.), ICAR Member (Ex-Officio)
Heads of the Divisions (5 to be nominated by the Chairman, Academic Council) Members
One external scientist member of the Academic Council (to be nominated by the Chairman, Academic Council) Members
Registrar (Academic) Member- Secretary

The Committee shall consider with all convenient dispatch the proposal(s) conferment of honorary degree(s) referred to it and make its recommendations thereon to the Academic Council.

The Dean shall cause the recommendations of the aforesaid Special Committee to be placed before the Academic Council for consideration. The decision to confer an honorary degree shall require 2/3 majority of the members present and voting in the meeting of the Academic Council.

After approval of the Academic Council, the Dean shall issue a notification and take the necessary steps for the award of the degree. The degree may be awarded at the convocation or, if necessary, by holding of a special convocation.