Hostel Rules

The general management of the hostel is vested in the Warden assisted by Deputy Warden under the overall supervision and guidance of the Director. The rules of residence in the hostel are as follows :

  • Residence in the hostel is subject to the availability of accommodation on first come first serve basis. Preference will be given to outstation students. Local residents may, subject to availability, be allotted accommodation as per the following criteria :
    • Those admitted in an earlier year shall be treated as senior to those admitted in a later year.
    • Amongst those admitted in the same year, those living at a more distant place (as per address in their application for admission) will be given preference.
    • The Director/Warden in exceptional cases and for reasons to be recorded allot hostel accommodation to any student in relaxation of the rules. All such cases shall be reported to the Standing Committee on Students Welfare Board and Residence.
  • The students residing in the hostel shall abide by the hostel rules and other instructions issued by the hostel authorities from time to time. Any breach of hostel rules and of such instructions will render a student liable to disciplinary action.
  • On admission, each student shall deposit in the hostel office, the prescribed caution money for boarding in the hostel. The allotment of rooms shall be made by the Warden on receipt of the Memorandum of Admission from the office. No change of rooms shall be allowed without prior permission of the Warden/Dy. Warden.
  • Students shall be required to check the furniture, fixtures etc. provided in the rooms allotted to them. They shall give receipt of these articles by signing in a prescribed inventory maintained in the hostel office and shall be responsible for their safe custody. No item of furniture or any part thereof shall be moved from one room to another without the written permission of the Warden.
  • The gates of the hostel shall be closed at 10.00 p.m. and will be opened at 6.00 a.m. However, the Warden, if necessary, may modify these timings.
  • Students shall not remain absent from their rooms after the scheduled time without prior permission of the Warden. Late comers shall be required to sign in a separate register maintained for the purpose.
  • A boarder who wants to remain away from the hostel, throughout the night or for a few days should inform in writing to the Warden about such absence. Students remaining absent without intimation shall be doing so at their own risk and the Institute authorities shall have no responsibility for such absence.
  • For leave or absence from the hostel, the student shall obtain prior permission, minimum one day in advance, from the Warden/Dy. Warden in writing.
  • In case a student remains absent from the hostel without prior permission, hostel authorities may open such rooms and get them vacated after preparing an inventory of the articles found in the room. However, no claims for the loss of or damage to these articles shall be entertained.
  • The departmental students coming to headquarters from Regional Station/Sub-station of C.I.F.E. for the purpose of studies may get hostel accommodation subject to availability against the prescribed fees and other charges.
  • Students leaving the hostel on long leave or vacation or proceeding to any Sub-station must hand over the charge of the rooms to the hostel office. If not, Rule No. 9 can be enforced.
  • The students who have completed their course and got relieved shall vacate the hostel immediately.
  • While finally vacating the hostel, each student must hand over the charge of the room and all hostel properties issued to him/her to the care-taker and obtain a No Dues Certificate to that effect from the Dy. Warden/Warden.
  • When proceeding on holiday or field programs outside Mumbai for periods exceeding a week, each trainee/student should hand over the keys of the room to the Warden after locking all his belongings in the almirah / cupboard.
  • If a student, whose allotment of hostel accommodation gets cancelled in any of the circumstance mentioned in 11 and 12, fails to vacate the hostel room and return the hostel property in his/her possession within 48 hours of such cancellation, the Warden may any time thereafter, take appropriate steps with the help of the hostel/security staff and the legal authority, where necessary to open the hostel room and get it vacated after preparing an inventory of the articles found in the room or take such other steps as he/ she may deem necessary to recover the possession of the hostel rooms and hostel property from him/her.
  • Students are not allowed to keep guests in their rooms. However, bonafide guests of a student can be accommodated (parents, wife, husband, children) in specific guest rooms meant for this purpose on payment of Rs. 20/- per day per head. The guest accommodation is subject to the following conditions:
    • Normally, no guest shall be allowed to stay for more than five days except with the prior approval of the Warden, subject to the availability of the guest rooms and only under unavoidable circumstances.
    • For overstay beyond the period approved by the Warden, a fine of Rs. 60/- per day shall be collected from the concerned student.
    • Allotment to the guest shall normally be made by prior reservation at least one day before. Students shall not seek accommodation at the eleventh hour.
    • No guest shall be admitted normally between 10 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. unless there is prior intimation about his arrival.
    • The guest should furnish clearly all the relevant information prescribed in the guest register.
  • All the boarders should mention the name, address and relationship of local guardians, if any, with the written permission of the parents.
  • Fans and lights in the rooms must be switched off before leaving the rooms. Use or possession of electric heaters or other electrical appliances in the hostel rooms is not permitted. A fine of Rs. 100/- shall be levied and the appliances will be confiscated for violation of this rule.
  • Furniture and other articles from the common rooms such as T.V. room reading room sports rooms shall not be removed under any circumstances. Maintenance and upkeep of common rooms and fixtures therein are the responsibility of the students. They are requested to co-operate to derive maximum benefit from the amenities provided to them.
  • All the borders shall have to take their breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. from the Co-operative mess run by the students.
  • Notice for the guidance of the students shall be displayed on the hostel notice boards. Students are advised in their own interest to read the notice regularly. Ignorance of instructions shall not be an excuse for non-compliance.
  • No club or society shall be formed and no meeting except those of the Mess Committee shall be held in the hostel. Outsiders shall not be invited to such meetings without the prior permission of Warden/ Director.
  • Parties or entertainment programs shall not be held in the hostel premises without the permission of the Warden.
  • Possession or consumption of drugs and alcoholic drinks within the hostel premises is strictly prohibited. If found intoxicated, disciplinary action will be taken including expulsion from the hostel.
  • All cases of illness must be reported to the caretaker. In case of serious illness, the Warden/Dy. Warden must be informed at once.
  • Students must not incur any debts. The hostel authorities shall not be responsible for any debts or dues to hostel mess, canteens, etc. incurred by the student.
  • The hostel authority has the right to enter and inspect a hostel room at any time if found necessary.
  • Students should not normally keep any valuable things in their rooms
  • Food shall not be served in the rooms. Every student residing in the hostel shall eat in the dining hall. Cooking in the rooms is strictly prohibited. Defaulters will be fined Rs. 250/- and will have to undergo disciplinary action.
  • On all matters concerning the hostel administration, the decision of the Warden/Director shall be final.
  • Women are not allowed in the hostel rooms occupied by men and men are not allowed in the rooms occupied by women. Women and men may, however, be received in the Visitor's rooms or reception desk earmarked separately in the hostel. They may call for the person whom they wish to meet at the visitor's room itself and not in any other place between 7.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m.
  • No one will be allowed in the rooms with fire arms.
  • Students shall keep their rooms clean and tidy. Strict cleaning must also be observed in bathrooms, kitchen, common rooms and dining rooms.
  • All admissions shall be for the complete term and the fees shall be realized from each boarder in advance as detailed in Rule No. 35.
  • The fees, mess deposits and charges to be paid by each trainee/student/ research scholar at headquarters is as shown elsewhere.
  • The fees paid by the resident in advance shall not be refunded, even if the resident leaves the course and vacates the hostel during a term. However, in exceptional circumstances, the Director may consider refund of the fees in deserving cases on merit.
  • All rooms are double seated.
  • No resident shall engage the hostel staff for private duties. Special service, if any required, may be arranged only with the approval of the Warden.
  • No hawkers or tradesmen shall be entertained within the hostel premises without prior permission of the Warden or his representative.
  • All the rooms are provided with tube lights/bulbs.
  • Each resident shall maintain discipline and decorum in the hostel and any breach of rules by any of the residents may result in his/her expulsion from the hostel.
  • Visitors of residents should make necessary entries in the register maintained at the gate available with the Watchman.
  • No notice or circular shall be put on the notice board or circulated among boarders by any trainee without the countersignature of the Warden.
  • If any question arises as to the interpretation of these rules, the decision of the Director shall be final and binding.
  • Accommodation for the touring party of students of other universities/ colleges/regional centres of this institute on study tour to CIFE, Mumbai, may be provided in the dormitories at the rate of Rs. 20/- per head per day. These facilities will be provided for a maximum period of three days only depending on prior confirmed booking.
  • Boarders, as a rule are advised not to litter in the corridors, T.V. room and reading room, to carry mess articles to their rooms, and also not to take guests into their rooms. Boarders willfully or repetitively contravening these discipline and cleanliness rules shall be liable to a fine of Rs. 100/-.

Norms and Guidelines for Boarding Arrangements

  • The membership of the mess run in the Institute's Hostel will be open to all the boarders. All the boarders should be members of the mess.
  • The Warden may permit non resident CIFE students and CIFE staff to be members of the mess without jeopardizing the interests of the boarders.
  • If a member leaves the mess in the middle of the month, the advance paid will not be disbursed pending finalization of the accounts for the month.
  • A student will cease to be a member of the mess when,
    • No Dues Certificate has been issued by the mess
    • The rules governing the mess are not abided by
    • Payment is in default
Organisation of the Mess
  • There will be one Mess Secretary to supervise and manage the mess, one Treasurer to look after the financial matters and three members to assist the Mess Secretary. The tenure of these persons will be one calendar month. The members of the Mess Committee for each month will be nominated by the Warden or chosen by draw of lots in the General Body meeting convened on the last working day of the month. No member will refuse to accept the responsibilities, except in very special circumstances such as appearing for qualifying examination or proceeding on tour.
  • A separate Mess Committee shall be constituted with the following members to prepare the menu, to formulate the guidelines for running the mess, inspect the monthly accounts, etc.
  • Chairman - Warden
    Members - Five

    Representatives of post-graduate Degree/Diploma/or Certificate courses and other mess members, as elected in the General Body meeting and the Mess Secretary of the particular month.

    The Warden as the Chairman may co-opt members at his discretion.

  • The Secretary will furnish the list of members of Mess Committee to the Warden/Dy. Warden by the10th of each month.
  • The treasurer will collect the mess charges. The Secretary will arrange/effect purchases and ensure supply of food to members. The Secretary shall hand over day to day accounts to the Treasurer. The Treasurer will prepare and maintain the account. The final monthly account will be prepared and submitted under the joint signature of the Secretary and the Treasurer in the monthly General Body meeting on the last day of the month or on the first day of the following month.
  • The Secretary will intimate the Warden at the end of the month the average charges per month for the meals. The Secretary will have to display the accounts for the information and scrutiny of the members who will have free access to the vouchers for inspection till the 10th day of the following month.
  • (a) The cleanliness of the kitchen, stores and dining premises, will be the direct responsibility of the Secretary of the mess who will take suitable action against defaulters/mess staff.
  • (b) The Secretary of the mess will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the furniture and other items of stores belonging to the Institute. If any stores items issued to the mess has been carelessly handled, the mess will have to bear the repairing charges. Damages, if any, to the stores belonging to the Institute will be evaluated and realized from all members of the mess including the non-residents, if they happen to be members.
  • Each member of the mess shall abide by the mess rules. In case of violation, the Warden may terminate the membership of any member in consultation with the General Body.
  • In the event of any dispute on mess the matter will be referred to the Warden whose decision will be binding on all the members and employees.
  • A list of employees together with their full particulars as to their identity, address, etc. will be maintained by the Mess Secretary in the prescribed form and a copy of this list will be supplied to the Hostel Office. Any change in the employees of the mess will be reported to the Hostel Office immediately and in any case, not later than seven days. No employee will be allowed to entertain any guest in the hostels.
  • It will be compulsory for the mess employees to undergo quarterly medical examination to be conducted by this Institute's Medical Officer.
  • All employees of the mess will be required to abide by and obey the code of conduct prescribed by the Warden and, as such, other instructions/orders as are issued from time to time by Hostel/ Administration in the interest of well being of the inmates of the hostel.
General Rules
  • Each member will deposit the mess dues with the Treasurer by the 10th of each month. The list of such members who fail to deposit the same by due date will be communicated by the Treasurer/Secretary to the Warden who will take necessary action.
  • The resident student member who obtains No Dues Certificate will not have any say in the management.
  • No individual member or any group has any right on the permanent and the consumable property of the mess. Due to any reasons at any time if the mess completely dissolves, the valuation of the mess property will be done and equally distributed amongst the existing members only with the consent of the Warden.
    • A boarder cannot be a guest of any other boarder.
    • (b) Partial cutting of meal is not entertained, minimum of one full day cut is allowed.
    • No meal will be served without coupon.
    • Food will be served only in the dining hall.
    • For guest meals, the boarders should inform the Mess Secretary well in advance.

Mess members other than boarders should pay establishment and crockery replacement charges of Rs. 200/- per term of six months or less. The guest charge will be fixed by the Warden in the monthly General Body Meeting.