Academic Requirements

Credit Requirements

For Master and Doctoral Degree programs, the students are required to complete successfully a minimum of 57 and 75 credits, respectively, as under :
Course work Subject M.F.Sc Ph.D
Course work 34 credits 28 credits
  I Sem. 17 I Sem. 14
  II Sem. 17 II Sem. 14
Major Subject 20 Credits 15 Credits
  12 Core courses 9 Core courses
  8 Optional courses 6 Optional courses
Minor Courses (Other Disciplines) 9 Credits 8 Credits
Supporting (Compulsory) 5 Credits 5 Credits
Seminar 1 Credit 2 Credits
Field Training 2 Credit  -
Thesis Credits   20 45
TOTAL CREDITS   57(34+1+20) 75(28+2+45)
Compulsory courses for M.F.Sc 1. Statistical Analysis (1+1)    
 2. Research methodology (1+2)    
Non credit compulsory courses. 1. PGS 501 Library and information services (0+1)    
2. PGS 502 Technical writing and communication skills (0+1)    
3. PGS 505 Agricultural research, research ethics and rural development programmes (1+0)    
Compulsory courses for Ph.D 1. Advanced Statistical Methods (2+1)    
2. Software in the fisheries & data analysis and management (0+2)    
Comprehensive Exam non-credits for M. F. Sc. and Ph.D.
M.F.Sc. Research III Semester 10 credits
  IV Semester 10 credits (+1 seminar)
Ph.D. Research III Semester 11 credits
  IV Semester 11 credits (+1 seminar)
  V Semester 11 credits (+1 seminar)
  VI Semester 12 credits

Credit Load

The normal full-time program of work in a semester will be of 18 credit hours. The restriction of minimum credit load during the last semester will not be applicable, provided he/she has completed the other course requirements.

Maintenance Of Minimum OGPA Requirements

The OGPA requirement for good standing shall be a minimum of 6.5/10.0. The candidates will be deemed to have passed if he/she secures 6.0 and above grade point in a course provided the OGPA is 6.0 and above. If a candidate fails to obtain minimum OGPA of 6.5 at the end of the semester, he/she is placed on “Scholastic Probation" and allowed to continue the next semester. If the candidate fulfils the minimum OGPA he/she will be restored to Good standing. If the candidate does not achieve this, he/she will be dropped from the PG Program but he/she has the option to appeal to the Director within a week of the start of the next semester for readmission which may or may not be accepted by CIFE. In case, readmitted candidate fails to clear the probation even during extended period, the candidate will be dropped from the PG program.

Constitution Of Advisory Committee

Each PG student shall be assigned to a Major Advisor by the concerned Board of Studies in consultation with the Director. The Advisory Committee of M.F.Sc. and Ph.D. students shall have minimum of three and five members respectively, as shown below. They will be nominated by the Director, CIFE, on the recommendations of the Major Advisor.

For M. F. Sc. Students

  • Two members representing the major discipline, one of them will be the Major Advisor and will act as the Chairman and other will be the Co-Chairman of the Committee
  • One nominee of the Director, CIFE, Mumbai

For Ph. D. Students

Two members will be chosen from outside the major discipline with at least one representing the minor fields besides the above three.


The student shall report for advisement to his/her Major Advisor on the prescribed date. Unauthorized absence may be treated as a serious lapse on the part of the student.

Programme Of Study

Course Work

  • The Program of course of study of a PG student drawn by the Major Advisor in consultation with the Student's Advisory Committee shall be submitted to the Director in the prescribed form before the end of the first semester of the student's registration.
  • Program of study drawn up and as approved by the Director shall be followed by the students without change except where the program of study may be altered by the Advisory Committee during the course of a student for reasons of changed scholastic circumstances. However, the program shall not be altered to suit the convenience of a student or to relieve him/her from what he/she may consider difficult course(s) listed in his/her originally approved program of study. Any alteration shall be made only with the approval of the Director.
  • The Student's Advisory Committee shall give due latitude in making the choice of courses for a student in the major and minor fields.
  • Ph.D. students shall not be allowed to repeat the course already offered by them in Master's Degree Program.

Research Work

The outline of research program will be submitted by the student to the Advisory Committee which in turn shall send it for the approval of the Director through the Chairman, Board of Studies in the prescribed form before the end of the second semester of the student's stay.

Attendance and Leave

  • A student can be granted seven days casual leave and ten days medical leave in a semester (with fellowship/scholarship) by the Chairman, Board of Studies on the recommendation of the guide of the student. The cases of foreign students shall be decided by the Dean.
  • All students shall attend a minimum of 85 per cent of the total number of lectures and laboratory classes (practical), separately in each course.
  • If a student falls short of the required attendance in lectures, laboratory course of field work by 10 per cent or less in any particular course, the shortage may be condoned by the Dean provided he is convinced that the shortage was due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Students falling short of the prescribed minimum attendance in the particular course shall not be permitted by the Course Instructor to take the examination for that course without prior approval of the Dean.
  • The Head of the Division in consultation with the Chairman of the Student’s Advisory Committee shall be competent to sanction leave to students for a period not exceeding 80 and 120 days during the entire course of studies for Master’s and Doctoral student respectively based on sufficient and valid reasons, under intimation to the Academic Section for record.
  • Cases of absence of more than 80 and 120 days due to illness of the student or any other reasons shall be examined and decided by the Dean on merit.
  • Cases of students remaining on unexplained absence for more than 15 days shall be promptly reported to the University Office by the Head of the Division and the Hostel Office, and the names of those students shall be struck off from the rolls for unauthorized absence.
  • Each student should spend at least one semester in the Institute after his first registration for a degree before he is entitled to leave of any kind extending for 15 days or more, excepting on health grounds.
  • Students may be allowed to temporarily drop their studies so as to join service in government departments provided they fulfill/satisfy the following conditions :
    • The student informs this University about the applications which he sends/has sent to government departments/Universities/State Organizations for job/post.
    • The student completes his course work (required course credits). In the case of Ph. D. scholars, they have to clear their preliminary comprehensive examination (both written and oral).
    • For temporary dropping the student will have to apply on the set proforma which will contain the recommendations of his Advisor/Advisory Committee members.
    • The students will have to pay prescribed fees for the entire period if he drops from studies.
    • The student will have to submit thesis within the time-limit framed for this purpose, i.e., 5 years for Master’s student and 6 years for Ph. D. scholars.

Graduation Requirement

The minimum residential requirement would be as under : .
Degree Duration
M.F.Sc. Two years
Ph.DThree years

Minimum residential requirements are to be fulfilled at the Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai, its Sub-Centres or at any other CIFE recognised Research Institutes/Organisations and other ICAR Research Institutes as recommended by the Advisory Committee of the candidates and approved by the Academic Council.

The in service candidates can work at their respective institutes for the completion of residential requirement with due permission of their respective Directors and certifications in this regard. The faculty member at the respective place will have to be on the advisory panel for this purpose for the same. A formal request should be made by the candidate and permission be sought from competent authority (40th Academic council decision).

Maintenance Of Discipline

General rules

The students are expected to maintain discipline both on and off the campus. Any act of indiscipline such as misbehavior with fellow students, staff, teachers and the Institutional authorities, taking part in strikes, demonstrations and like activities, violating institution rules and damaging institutional property etc. will be viewed seriously. Depending on the gravity of the case , disciplinary action will be taken and the student may be rusticated from the Institute.

Unfair Means In Examination

A student found using unfair means during a First Test/Mid-Term Test will be deemed to have failed in that particular course(s) during the semester. However, if the candidate is found using unfair means in the final semester examination, he/she will be deemed to have failed in all courses in that semester. Any repetition of such offence more than twice makes the student liable to be disqualified from being a student of the Institute and obtaining the degree of the University.